21 de enero de 2015

Affection And Conflict In Learning Management System Interactions

Affection And Conflict In Learning Management System Interactions

Ana Luisa Mülbert, Ariane Girondi, Alice T. Cybis Pereira, Marina Keiko Nakayama


Interaction in virtual learning environments (VLEs) is a phenomenon of substantial importance for the success of distance learning programs. In this article, we discuss manifestations of emotions and conflict that permeate interactions occurring in VLEs, that is, within a formal system of college education. Beginning our focus on dialogues developed by the students, we identify several patterns of interaction that reveal emotions and/or conflict. The collated data correspond to dialogues developed between students and teachers in a college distance educational system, which were subjected to content analysis using an interpretive approach. The understanding of emotional content, conflict and negotiation in online learning environments is considered to be relevant to the construction of learning spaces that enhance the manifestation of emotions and the overcoming of conflict.


Virtual learning environment; distance education; emotions, conflict, negotiation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5944/ried.16.2.9905