13 de enero de 2015

Autonomous Digital Resources Through Augmented Reality

Autonomous Digital Resources Through Augmented Reality

Joaquín Cubillo Arribas, Sergio Martín Gutiérrez, Manuel Castro Gil, Antonio Colmenar Santos


Even today there are limitations to teaching concepts that require a specific level of manipulation or visualization of objects (the later of which are not always available). This is often because of the abstract, spatial or scientific nature of the object in question. Augmented reality and mobile devices are tools that are available today, which enable us to overcome these deficiencies. What’s more, they provide us with the ability to interact with virtual objects in a three dimensional space. For these technologies to form an active part of the educational environment, it is necessary to provide authorship tools that facilitate the creation of autonomous augmented resources, and explain the concepts that are presented to the student. It will also help with uploading- in a simple and transparent manner- virtual resources that can be re-utilized.This paper presents an augmented reality learning environment which fulfils these objectives.


augmented reality, mobile learning, authoring tools, contextualization, multiple choice questions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5944/ried.17.2.12686