23 de enero de 2015

Mini Videos As Didactic Resources In Quantitative Subjects

Mini Videos As Didactic Resources In Quantitative Subjects

Damián de la Fuente Sánchez, Montserrat Hernández Solís, Inmaculada Pra Martos


The usage of audiovisual tools for educational purposes has become widespread in recent decades - with videos becoming one ofthe most prominent. However, its usage for the teaching of subjects of a quantitative nature is not as extensive as for other subjects. Based on our teaching experience of applying short videos in the distance teaching of financial mathematics, we were able to arrive at a series of conclusions. These refer to the basic principles that a short video should consist of, so as to achieve optimal learning results by students. We also present the students’ opinions about the usage of these tools – which is illustrated with some findings that support their usage in the distance/online teaching of quantitative subjects.


Short videos; educational video; distance education.

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