12 de enero de 2015

Training Feedback For Online Students

Training Feedback For Online Students

Fernando Gustavo Lozano Martínez, Laura Adriana Tamez Vargas


This qualitative study focuses on researching the following questions: How can a training assessment approach create new ways of providing feedback to students for online courses? 32 teachers from a private institution that offers on line programs via the Internet participated in this study. A training course was designed to teach a feedback model that promoted training assessment. The results show that one can improve teacher feedback by providing the following information to the student, which is based on answering following questions: What am I trying to achieve in my studies? What is the objective or the goal? How am I trying to achieve this goal? How do I connect this activity with the following? The overall reaction of the participants was positive. They demonstrated a certain level of motivation when incorporating the elements of the student feedback model.


Feedback, training feedback, Academic Tutor, Online courses

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5944/ried.17.2.12684