27 de enero de 2015

Application Of The Learning Method Based On Distance Training Problems (E-Learning)

Application Of The Learning Method Based On Distance Training Problems (E-Learning)

Moisés David Armenta Hernández, Verónica Salinas Urbina, Fernando Mortera Gutiérrez


This article deals with the training process used in a software company in the education sector. Within the context of innovation, that is, where products are constantly being reinvented, the re-utilization of previous knowledge and deep and self-guided learning are essential. Indeed, this guide is geared towards two constructivist didactic techniques, namely collaborative learning and Problem Based Learning (PBL).This qualitative research involved the implementation of a case study that explored and analyzed what happened when we incorporated an instructional activity that is based on the PBL technique using the SesWeb educational platform via the online/distance modality. Data was collected via online observations, qualitative interviews (used as primary tools) and a questionnaire (used as an auxiliary tool). The results demonstrate that the 4x4 PBL model in the E-Learning modality: a) facilitates interactions for collaborative learning; b) promotes deep and self-guided learning; and c) that individual research guides students towards problem-solving.


E-learning; teaching techniques corporate training problem based learning (PBL); Knowledge adquisition; educational technology.

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