28 de enero de 2015

The Curriculum And Distance Education

The Curriculum And Distance Education

Walter Rubén Iriondo Otero, Domingo José Gallego Gil


Teaching and learning processes have been strongly impactec by Information  and Communication Technologies (ICTs). These have, in turn, maximized the potential of Distance Education (DE), i.e. as an important means of teaching aln learning. ICTs, especially digital media that is supported by Information Technology and computer networks, require a (new) repositioning where both the curriculum context ant the curriculum development in DE are taken into consideration. In this paper, we discuss an epistemological framework, which, when seen though this new academic lens, enables us to identifu key aspects for developing curricula in DE. This framework considers the "curriculum" as content that is to be developed, namely the planning of educational activities and the interactive reality that underlies the distance education experience. For each of these three dimensions, we identified key aspects of the curriculum which, in our view, should be carefully considered in DE.


Curriculum; distance education; ICT; media; educational technologies.

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