5 de febrero de 2015

New model of computer-aided assessment in distance education

New model of computer-aided assessment in distance education

Rosario Gil Ortego, Manuel Castro Gil, Gabriel Díaz Orueta, Sergio Martín Gutiérrez, Elio San Cristóbal Ruiz


Nowadays, we look for the perfect way to authenticate users but we have found that the systems of access to information along with the technologies that are commonly available do not ensure the identity of users. In general, those protected resources which can only be accessed by specific individuals, can be accessed by assigning roles or by an administrator who manages access to the system. In addition, many Webs have auditing tools by default. Auditing is a strong tool that lets us control the activities of the users. We can also trace actions not permitted. The inconvenience of this is the weak wall of privacy that users have. Given these general tools, the issue at hand is how to ensure the identity of the users. The challenge of this project was to combine the traditional ways of authentication with authentication by something uniquely personal to the user within the online educational communities that are used in colleges.


Assessment; biometric; distance education; identification.

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