3 de febrero de 2015

Personal Learning Environments In The European Higher Education

Personal Learning Environments In The European Higher Education

Inmaculada Tello Díaz-Maroto, Lourdes de Miguel Barcala, María Dolores López Carrillo


Today, there are many training platforms, some of which that do not always have what distance learning institutions need. The aim of this paper is to analyze the important aspects which need to be considered when selecting a good platform for online training, based on the latest trends in higher education. For this purpose, the article discusses the importance of the Internet for distance learning, teacher observation, and competency assessment. It also discusses the things to consider in evaluating the platforms. If we want to have quality education through distance learning platforms, we must evaluate the functionality of the platform: its technical, esthetic and educational aspects.


Platform; e-learning; distance learning; quality; competences; evaluation.

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