16 de febrero de 2015

Quality assurance at the consorcio clavijero institute

Quality assurance at the consorcio clavijero institute

Ricardo Mercado del Collado, Mónica López Granados, Gustavo Balderas Rosas


This article reports our analysis of world enrollment growth in distance education programs promoted by governments to increase their competitiveness in the knowledge economy. Information is presented regarding Mexico´s distance education system, specifically its online programs and reviews possible reasons for its slow development. Furthermore, it analyses different quality assurance models and describes the one used at the Consorcio Clavijero Institute to examine the following: relevance, legality, course design quality, teacher profile, technology access, student preparation, student support, teacher support and performance, learning, student satisfaction, alumni follow up and the learning management system.


Distance education; online programs; higher education; quality assurance.

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