5 de febrero de 2015

Use of technology in distance education for teacher tutor

Use of technology in distance education for teacher tutor

Nadiane Feldkercher, Alecia Saldanha Manara


Currently, with the advancement of technology, a recurring theme of discussion in education is its relationship with technology. Technology is instrumental to both face-to-face and distance education, contributing to the teaching and learning process. The objectives of this study were to investigate the training of tutors for the use of technology; the technology used in Distance Education; the advantages and disadvantages of using technology; and the convergence and divergence of the use of technology in classroom teaching and distance learning. This is a qualitative study, with data collected through an online questionnaire and with the collaboration of thirteen tutors of distance education working in two federal universities in southern Brazil. The study has revealed that education for working with technology occurs through training courses for tutors and tutors use these technologies in their pedagogical activity. They recognize the advantages and disadvantages in the use of technology and they understand that there is a wide discrepancy between the use of technologies in face-to-face education and distance education.


Technologies; distance education; tutoring.

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