11 de noviembre de 2015

Innovation from the information technology and communication

Innovation from the information technology and communication

Manuel Villarruel Fuentes


To define innovation within the context of Information Communication Technologies is a complex task, especially since many believe it to be a polysemous concept. Moreover, if we add ambiguity to this problem, namely, the ambiguity that is tackled within educational institutions and where it is equated with a simple design change or where a methodological approach is used for routine tasks without deep reflection, which is a requirement for major transformation, it would be possible to measure the magnitude of the current problem. With ICTs, innovation has transformed from being an end in itself to conveying improvement within the educational system. This does not take into consideration, however, its overall impact in the macrostructure. Based on these criteria, it could be argued that the introduction of new equipment and technological tools would suffice as innovation indicators. Moreover, the fact that the term “innovation” is used is indicative of the fact that it exists. To apply critical judgment criteria when examining the role of innovation, especially in the process of change within schools, is a major task to be undertaken.


Change; transformation; improvement; education.

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